How to set up your RTR widget

After installing your RTR package, you are ready to set up your RTR widget. Note: this widget can only be used if you have Light and Temperature data in your platform.

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RTR widget explained
Set up your RTR widget

RTR widget explained

​​On the X-axis: the received light sum in Joules/cm2 or PAR moles/m2. On the Y-axis: the average daily (24h) Temperature. For a steady plant balance every dot should be positioned near the trendline.

Set up your RTR widget

Take the following steps to set up your RTR widget:

  1. Go to Dashboards in the main menu.
  2. Choose the dashboard you would like to add a widget to.
  3. Click on the + Add widget button.
  4. Click on Radiation to Temperature Ratio (beta) widget
  5. Select the data source for your X-axis (light sum data)
  6. Select the data source for your Y-axis (Temperature data)
  7. Fill in your widget title
  8. Choose the period and select the time for the start of the day. This is used to calculate the average temp, and light sum.
  9. Fill in your reference points (first and second) for Radiation and Temperature. This is used to create a trendline.
  10. Click on Create and you are ready to go!

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