How to visualise your Registration Sheet data with widgets

After creating your registration sheet and filling in your data, you are ready to start visualising your data in new or existing widgets.

  1. Go to Dashboards via the main menu
  2. Create a new widget or adjust an existing widget
    1. Click on + Select at the field Data sources
    2. Search for your data by filling in the form name (or by scrolling down)
    3. Click on the data source and select/deselect columns
    4. Click on + Select to add the data source to the widget
    5. Make sure you set your Period & Interval settings according to the form. If you have an interval that does not match your manual input data, you might receive an error message in your widget.

Click on Create to save your widget and you are ready to analyse!

If you need help, click on the Support button and get in touch with us!