Internet Explorer no longer supported

Suboptimal experience in Internet Explorer

Are you using Internet Explorer as your browser? You might have noticed that using this browser gives you a suboptimal experience on the 30MHz dashboard. Up to now, we have been supporting the use of Internet Explorer. However, because Internet Explorer is an outdated browser we experience more and more that the new functionalities we add to our dashboard can not be supported by Internet Explorer. This is the reason we are going to stop the support of Internet Explorer from October 2020. We kindly urge you to choose a different browser before that date.

What browser should I use?

Basically, any browser different from Internet Explorer is supported by our platform. We can give you some suggestions: Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

Improved experience

Once you switch to a different browser you will notice that your experience on the dashboard will improve. Amongst many things, you will notice that the loading time is a lot shorter and that all buttons and functionalities will work smoothly. Exactly the experience we hope to give to all of our users.

Contact us

If you do encounter issues with changing your browser, please contact us to see how we can solve this problem. For this, you can click on Contact in the help button (lower right corner), or submit a request.

Happy measuring!!