How can I add a sensor to a group?

After creating a group, you can add sensors to fill the group with data. Everyone with an "Editor" role within the group can share data from their organisation to the group. The Editor do need to have "Owner" permissions in their organisation to be able to share the data.


Share sensors with a group

Take the following steps to share your sensors with the group:

  1. Go to the Sensors page within the group
  2. Click on Add sensors
  3. Select the organisation where you want to share your data from
  4. Choose between the following and fill in the requested details:
    • Share all data for this sensor
    • Share data starting from a date
    • Share data until a date
    • Share data between dates
  5. Select the sensor that you want to share with the group
  6. Select + Add sensors

Now the sensor is shared with the group and the data is available to create widgets with. The group can view the data and place comments.