How to invite a user to 30MHz


You can only invite users if you are an owner of your organization. Do you want to learn more about user roles and permissions? Read What are the 30MHz basic concepts?

To invite new people into your organization on the 30MHz platform:

  1. Go to your Account settings
  2. Go to Organisation users
  3. Click on the blue + button to invite users.
  4. Select Invite new user or Add existing user. When the person you are inviting already has a 30MHz account, select Add existing user. If that person does not have a 30MHz account, select Invite new user.
  5. Fill in the user details.
  6. Choose which role your new user is going to have: owner, editor, or follower. Click here to learn about the permissions of these roles.
  7. Click on + Invite

The user will receive a welcome mail to create an account or to view the organisation.

Tip: If Invite new user does not work, try Add existing user, or vice versa. If that also does not work, contact us.