Growing Degree Days app installation

Want to improve your plant strategy and optimize timing? Start using the GDD strategy application

To use the Growing Degree Days Strategy application you need a temperature sensor. Next to that we advice a PAR sensor to check the Growing Degree Days as well as the light sum. Follow these steps to request the application: 

  • In the platform, navigate to 'Apps' in the side menu. Select 'New: request Growing Degrees'.
  • Complete the application form. If you already know which sensor and settings you want to use, let us know via the form. Otherwise standard settings will be applied during installation. The app will be installed in a few days. Do you
    want to change the (standard) settings after installation? No worries! Follow the instructions below.

Personalise the app

Growing Degree Days (GDD) are a way to measure heat energy received by plants over a period of time. We calculate these GDD based on the difference between the minimum temperature required for crop development (base temperature) and the actual temperature in the greenhouse. The core of the application revolves around the below graph.


The graph shows the accumulated Growing Degree Days to date. The dark green line represents the average degree days trend needed to achieve your goal by the set end date, allowing you to easily assess whether you are on track. By hovering your mouse over the graph, you can click on the pencil icon in the top right to adjust the chart settings.


In the Data sources field, you can select the temperature sensor used for measurements.

In the Settings section, you can adjust the following settings

  • Select Growing Degree Days as calculation method. Currently the GDD app does not yet support Growing Degree Hours or Chill Hours.
  • Set the start and end date of your growing season.
  • Adjust the base temperature to your specific crop. For most crops, active growth starts approximately above 10°C.
  • In the target field, enter the required GDD for the desired
    stage of your crop. This target varies for each crop and
    environment. As a grower, you may know the specific Growing
    Degree Days you aim for. If not, you can use growth tables or historic data to determine the GDD for your crop.