How to use the Pointed Microclimate Sensor (PMC)

The Pointed Microclimate Sensor (PMC) is a combination of two different sensors, the Temperature Humidity and the Pointed Temperature Sensor. It is used to measure the surface temperature of your crop and the air conditions in the greenhouse. 


PMC separate parts

Which parameters are measured?

The PMC measures two different temperatures, surface temperature and air temperature. Based on those sensor measurements five different metrics are calculated for you. 

Surface temperature

The Pointed Temperature sensor measures the surface temperature of your crop. The measured area is a 10-degree cone originating from the tip of the arm. At a 5cm distance, the measured area is 0,875cm. The centre of the measured area has the biggest influence on the measurements, so make sure that the sensor is pointed directly at the part of the crop you want to measure.

Air temperature

The Temperature Humidity Sensor measures the air temperature 

It is important that the sensor is inserted into the Meteoshield to prevent sunlight, rain, and wind from influencing the measurements.


As it says in the name the Temperature Humidity sensor measures the humidity of the air next to it's temperature.


Based on the humidity and temperature measurements the following metrics are calculated for you: 

  • VPD
  • Humidity deficit
  • Absolute humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Absolute diff. temp. and dewpoint temp.