My substrate moisture sensor gives an error, why can’t I read out ECw?

Via the sensor menu you can examine the status of the sensor. In case of a warning or error a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark would be visible under the status tab. Hovering over the exclamation mark will reveal the specific warning or error message.


For this particular warning, If the VWC is below the threshold, the ECw(Pore water EC) reading is not accurate and so we have chosen not to display the ECw values and so you might experience breaks in your ECw charts.

The threshold value depends on the growing media, so we selected different thresholds for different calibration profiles.

  • For soil ECw is inaccurate for VWC<19%
  • For any other substrate ECw is inaccurate for VWC<25%

Anyway, for any type of substrate/soil and any VWC value, you will always be able to see the ECb(Bulk material EC).


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