September updates in the 30MHz platform

We constantly improve our platform, update existing features, and update the platform with new features. But what did we improve in September?

What's new:
Create and edit your widget
Control your own y-axes!
Battery warnings
Growing Degrees Widget

Create and edit your widget

We improved creating and editing your widget. Creating and editing a widget is now on full screen instead of a pop-up. And a live preview of the widget is added to the platform. You can see this when you create or edit settings. This can be used to make sure that the chosen adjustments suit your preferences.

Control your own y-axes

Control your own y-axes by defining your own y-axes! Choose which two metrics should be plotted on the left and right y-axis and define the range per metric. Do you have more than two metrics? The metrics will be plotted on their own "invisible" y-axis.

Battery warnings

Battery warnings are added to the sensor list. We have two warnings: low battery and empty battery. Depending on the battery voltage, the warning will appear as a status. With this improvement, our users can act before a sensor goes offline because of an empty battery.


Growing Degrees widget

Growing Degrees widget is all about working to a certain target. Working to that target is made easier now that this is added to the widget. Now, on the right of the chart, you see the target that was set and the amount that was realized.